Parent Involvement Policy








Statement of Purpose:

Midway Elementary School is committed to providing quality education programs and establishing high levels of expectations for all children. The following policy was developed by the school's Parent Involvement Committee and will be made available to all stakeholders through the use of the school's web site. A copy will be available upon request in the school office. The policy is revised annually based on the results of the Title 1 and/ or School Improvement Plan survey. Because stakeholder involvement and support are essential components for each child to be successful, the school is committed to establishing a home-school-community partnership to ensure academic success for every child.

Part 1: Stakeholder Involvement

Midway Elementary School will:

1. Convene an annual meeting:

  • An annual Title 1 meeting will be held by October 31st each year.
  • The purpose of the meeting will be to share the involvement policy and the school-wide action plan.
  • Notifications will be sent to all stakeholders.
  • Comments and ideas will be encouraged.

2. Offer flexible meeting times and varied activities designed to support and encourage the involvement of all.
3 Ensure the involvement of all stakeholders by offering the following activities:

  • Before and After school activities
  • Literacy Nights (Author Visits)
  • Parent Conferences
  • Family Activity Nights (Movie Night)
  • Parent Involvement Activities
  • Educational Partnership with community members and businesses

4. Provide timely information about the school programs, the academic curriculum, assessments data, grade level expectations, and opportunities to interact with teachers regarding the education of their children. Means of communication will be provided by:

  • Open House Nights at the beginning of each school year
  • Parent Conferences
  • Mid-term Reports
  • Report Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Individual Teacher/School/District Web Sites
  • Handbook
  • Claiborne County Schools Code of Conduct

5. Inform parents if their child has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified as defined by the Title 1 law.

Part II: Shared Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement
Midway Elementary School will develop jointly with parents and teachers a Parent / Teacher /Student Compact. The compact will outline ways in which the parents, teachers, students, and staff will work together to ensure high academic achievement.

Part lll: Building Capacity Involvement
Midway Elementary School will provide information and assistance to parents regarding the state and local academic standards and assessments. This information will be distributed to all stakeholders through the following formats:

  • Parent Orientation Nights
  • Parent Conferences
  • State results sent home by the school principal
  • School assessments sent home by the teachers and literacy leader
  • School reports as listed on the State of Tennessee web site
  • Literacy Parent Workshops provided by the school Literacy Leader
  • Literacy Parent Volunteers and Volunteer Training provided by the Literacy Leader

Part IV: Accessibility
Midway Elementary will make parent involvement accessible to all parents regardless of their socio-economic level:

  • Parent Involvement Committee will include diverse membership from our stakeholders.
  • Parent Involvement Committee will review this policy annually and make any necessary recommendations for changes.
  • Parent Involvement Committee will schedule additional meetings as needed to address any issues or concerns.