Midway Elementary Handbook








Student-Parent Handbook

Midway Elementary School
4411 Clouds Road
New Tazewell, TN  37825
Sharon Tolliver, Principal



The Claiborne County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its educational programs, activities or employment policies and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  Inquiries regarding compliance on the non-discrimination policies should be directed to 504/Title IX Coordinator at (423)626-7979.


Sharon Tolliver, Principal
Sherry Minton, Assistant Principal

Office Personnel
Betty Widner, Bookkeeper/Secretary
          Rhonda Collingsworth, Secretary/personnel attendance

Angie Barnard

2015-2016 Claiborne County School Calendar

Aug. 3 In-service – No Students (½ County Wide; ½ at School)
Aug. 4 Teacher Work Day in Classroom / No Students
Aug. 5 Abbreviated Day 11:15 dismissal for students Registration; In-service ½ day
Aug. 6 Students’ First Full Day
Sept. 7 Labor Day Holiday / No School
Oct. 16 In-service / No Students
Oct 19-23 Fall Break Holiday
Nov. 11 Veterans Day Holiday / No School
Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 18 Abbreviated Day 11:15 dismissal for students; In-service ½ day
Dec. 21-Jan 1 Christmas Break
Jan. 4 In-service: RTI / No students
Jan. 5 Students’ First Day After Christmas Break
Jan. 18 M. L. King Holiday / No School
Feb. 15 Presidents’ Day Holiday / No School
March 1 In-service / No Students
March 21-25 Spring Break
May 23 Students Last Full Day
May 24 Records Day / No Students
May 25 Abbreviated Day 11:15 dismissal for Students
In-service Days (5 Days): Aug 3, 2015, (1), Oct 16, 2015 (1), Jan. 4, 2016 (1), March 1, 2016 (1), Aug 5, 2015 (1/2), Dec 18, 2015 (1/2)
Discretionary Days (2 Days): Aug 4, 2015, May 24, 2016
Stockpiled Professional Development Days: 0 Days
Inclement Weather Days: 13 Days
First Semester Total Days: 87 Days
Second Semester Days: 93 Days
***Holidays occurring after January 1st and Spring Break are subject to be changed. Excessive inclement weather may necessitate the need to recover required instructional days.


Welcome to Midway Elementary School . . . . . .

          It is our pleasure to welcome you to our school. The faculty and staff are happy to have you as part of the Midway family. We hope this will be a successful and satisfying year for you. The pages of this handbook are filled with important information regarding school policy and procedures. STUDENTS AND FAMILIES PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION TOGETHER. If you have any questions that remain unanswered after reading the handbook, please call the office.
          We believe that open and clear communication between school and home is important to the success of our educational program. We feel that the handbook will serve as a helpful reference for parents as they seek to provide academic support at home. Midway Elementary families are our partners in the important job of educating the children of our community.

School Facts

Opened:  Fall 1960
Grades served:  PreK-8
Students Population:  434
School Colors:  Red, Black, &White
Mascot:  Red Devil




Faculty & Staff

-Principal Sharon Tolliver
-Assist. Principal   Sherry Minton
-Secretary Rhonda Collinsworth
-Bookkeeper Betty Widner
-Attendance Katina Covington
- Counselor Angie Barnard
- Librarian Katherine Hand
-Math Intervention Mary Barnard
-Reading Intervention Tassa Cox
-Computer/Testing Kristy Bowen
-Physical Education Theo Collingsworth
-Pre-K Renee Keith
-Pre-K TA Ruth Ann Davis
-K Math Teresa Drummonds
-K ELA Allison Harrison
-1st/2nd  Math Debbie Henard
-1st /2nd Science Barbara Holt
-1st/2nd  ELA Ashley Pritchard
-1st/2nd  Social Studies Tina Watson
-3rd/4th  Science Theresa Estep
-3rd/4th Social Studies Kim Phillips
-3rd/4th Math Pam Van Huss
-3rd/4th ELA Stephanie Watson

Cafeteria Manager
         Gloria Seals

 -5th/6th Science Donna Barnard
-5th/6th Social Studies Janice Cope
-5th/6th ELA Meagan England
-5th/6th Math Jackie Massengill
-7th/8th Science Alison Cupp
-7th/8th Math Jess-Anne McCreary
-7th/8th Social Studies Jason Miracle
-7th/8th ELA Jessie Wells
-K-4 Self-contained Jessica Jones
-K-4 Teacher Brittney Chittum
-5-8 Self-contained Geraldine Turner
-5-8 Teacher Sharlotte Daniels
Teaching Assistants
     Nancy Love            Linda Cockrum
     Sharon Simmons   Allison Collins
     Tammy Ray           Angel Ford
     Kim Cosby             Jenny Cornett
     Amy Upton            Misty Hardy
    Mitzi Poore             Taylor Leedy
    Jacob Hall
     Loyd Poore            Jay Rolen
     August Cherek      Wendy Holt

Cafeteria Staff
    Dora Brewer          Shirley Barnard
    Joyce Smith           Tammy Carter















Mission Statement
The Midway Elementary School believes in fully developing the potential of each individual student. We believe:

  • In preparing students to serve as leaders for today and the future.
  • In preparing and developing through critical, creative and social development.
  • In intense awareness and honor of individual integrity through cooperating with others in a respectful and productive manner.
  • In making positive contributions to our school, our community, and our world.

Vision Statement
Midway Elementary School believes in a learning environment where each student is empowered to achieve his or her potential through a data driven, rigorous, stimulating curriculum. We believe our vision will positively contribute to our school, our community, and our world.
School Pledge
I pledge that I will show my best in all I do and say. I pledge that I will do this each and every day. I will be honest and respectful towards everyone I see. I will do my work and show my best so you see the best in me. I pledge that I will show my best in all I do and say. I pledge that I will do this because that's the Midway way.

 Spirit Song
Midway spirit, oh let’s hear it… we are number one. Red and white, with all our might, we fight to win tonight. Midway spirit, oh let’s hear it, shout it loud and clear. On to the victory, Red Devils cheer!



Family and Community Involvement


    T E A M   Midway

 We believe when the family, school and community works
Together  Everyone  Achieves  More.
Midway welcomes all families and community members to become involved with TEAM Midway promoting the success of our students. TEAM Midway meets monthly to incorporate family and community involvement.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conferences are scheduled after the first, second, and third nine weeks grading periods. Parents/Guardians may schedule meetings with administration and teachers during teachers’ planning times or after school hours.

Newsletters and Friday Folders

Teachers in grades Pre-K through grade four send home weekly newsletters that detail classroom happenings and school events. Teachers in grades Pre-K through second grade send home parent communication folders, better known as “Friday Folders” every Friday. School work, notes, and newsletters are put into the Friday Folders. Parents must sign that they have seen the folder and send it back to school empty on Monday.

School Website

We have an up-to-date school website that changes as needed. Parents are allowed access to menus, sports schedules and any occurring school and classroom events.


Policies & Procedures

 Safety Policies and Procedures:
To ensure the safety of all students at Midway Elementary the following safety policies have been implemented.

  • All visitors must report to office upon arrival to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass.
  • All visitors must be escorted to their designated location.
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to walk their students to class in the mornings or walk to the classroom in the afternoon to pick up their student.

We appreciate your willingness to cooperate with our school in implementing the policies and procedures in order to provide a safe learning environment for all Midway students.

Morning Arrival: For the safety of our students, children are to be dropped off at the rear gym doors. Please do not bring children in through the front door. This creates traffic and parking problems in the front parking lot.  Arrival time should be after 7:00 a.m. Classroom activities begin at 7:45 a.m. Students should be in their classrooms by this time. Students are counted tardy after 8:00 a.m.
Afternoon Departure: Due to the safety of our students, buses loading at the front office and limited space for deliveries, we ask all pick-up parents/guardians to follow the pick-up procedures. You will need to drive around the gym to the designated pick-up release area. Pick-up line begins at 2:30 p.m. However, students will not be released to the gym until 3:00 p.m.


Midway Elementary School Visitation Policy & Procedures

  • Research shows that parent involvement is a key component to student success. Midway Elementary School values our partnerships with students, parents, and community members. In an effort to provide a safe and secure environment and to protect instructional time, our school visitation procedures are outlined below. It is the responsibility of all staff members of M.E.S. to direct persons who are on school property during school hours to follow these procedures.
  • Parents/Guardians wishing to observe their child’s class must make arrangements with the teacher or an administrator, and arrangements should be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Parents/Guardians are asked to plan any visit so that they arrive at the beginning of classes. The purpose of the visit is to observe. Therefore, parents/guardians should not interact with their child, other students, and/or attempt to have a conference with the teacher. Parents/Guardians wishing to observe longer than one class period must have this approved by an administrator prior to your arrival.
  • Once an appointment has been made, visitors must report to the front office to register their visit in the official logbook. After verifying picture identification, an identification badge will be issued to that person, and it must be worn at all times while on school property. School personnel will escort visitors to the classroom. Upon completion of the visit, visitors must also sign-out of the official logbook. Visitors should only go to where they have been provided permission to visit.
  • If parents/guardians want to have lunch with their child, they should register in the front office, secure a visitor’s badge, and then meet their child in the designated area.  Parents/guardians should not expect to be able to conference with a teacher while at lunch.
  • Our daily office hours are 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Parents/Guardians attending after school activities, including TEAM Midway meetings or special events, should simply proceed to the designated location.

Students are not permitted to bring student visitors to school.

  • Any person(s) associated with an approved outside agency or Claiborne County School employee must also report to the front office to sign in and secure a visitor’s badge.

No students or unauthorized visitors may remain on the school campus after regular school hours without supervision.

  • School personnel have the authority to warn persons trespassing to leave the facilities or properties.


Bus Rules

  • The bus driver can assign seats.
  • Be Courteous                                                                                     
  • No Profanity                                                                                                              
  • Violence is prohibited.
  • Students are to remain seated at all times.
  • Keep your hands and head inside the bus.
  • Do not destroy school bus property.
  • For your own safety and the safety of others, do not distract the driver through misbehavior.
  • If you are a pick-up but have to ride the bus for some reason, you will need to give the bus driver a note from your parent/guardian.
  • If you are going home with another student, a note from your parents must be presented to your teacher and then turned into the office.  A phone call from a parent can be made to the office if necessary.


Bus Conduct and Discipline Procedures:

Students are expected to follow all directions of the bus driver while riding the bus.  Any office referral for bus discipline issues will result in the following steps (Claiborne County Policy):

1st referral:  warning                                                    4th referral:  5 day suspension from
                                                                                           the bus.
2nd referral:  1 day suspension from the bus                5th referral:  10 day suspension from
                                                                                            the bus.
3rd referral:  3 day suspension from the bus                6th referral:  Suspended from the bus
                                                                                           for remainder of the school year.

Parental notification will occur when a student receives a bus referral. 

Dress Code

Claiborne County Board of Education
Dress Code 6.310

To comply with TCA 49-6-40 amendment effective July 1, 2012, the Claiborne County Board of Education prohibits students from wearing, while on the grounds of a public school during the regular school day, clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent manner that disrupts the learning environment.

1. All shirts and blouses must be long enough to go past the waistline to overlap the pants/
skirt/shorts, etc. covering the back, with no cutouts or see-through elements. If pockets
are not mostly showing, the shirt or blouse must be tucked.

2. Pants, skirts, skirts, and shorts must be worn so that the waistband (top) is above the

3. Clothing of a type, or worn in such a manner, so as to reveal undergarments or bare skin between the upper chest and mid-thigh is not permitted.

4. Dresses must cover the back with no cutouts or see-through elements.

5. Sleeveless shirts, blouses and dresses must come up to the armpit.

6. Clothing must be worn appropriately (nothing inside out, nothing backwards, no one
rolled up pant leg, no unfastened bib overalls, etc.) and clothing must not be tight fi tting,
such as knit or spandex bicycle/biker pants.

7. Students are prohibited from wearing clothing, headwear, jewelry, tattoos or other articles if personal appearance that:

• Depict profanity, obscenity, the use of weapons, or violence.

• Promote the use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal or harmful products.

• Contain sexually suggestive messages.

• Contain language or symbols that degrade gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnic values.

• Endanger health or safety.

8. Gang-related styles are prohibited. This includes any combination of clothing, which,
upon guidance of law enforcement agencies, is considered gang related. Due to changing
trends in gang attire, clothing, jewelry accessories, and grooming styles, restrictions
may change as necessary.

9. Some examples of prohibited clothing include, but are not limited to:

Bare midriff tops Belly shirts Mesh tops
Halter tops Capes Off the shoulder tops
Muscle shirts Dusters Short shorts/Miniskirts
Bathing suits Trench coats Tank tops
Tube tops Spaghetti straps Bedtime attire
Clothing two (2) or Clothing with large Knit or spandex
more sizes too large pockets (cargo style) bicycle/biker pants/shorts

10. The wearing of hats, caps, bandanas, or sunglasses is not allowed at school. Medical
exceptions will be considered by the administration.

11. There is to be no jewelry affixed to a student's nose, tongue, cheek, lip, or eyebrow. No visibly pierced jewelry shall be worn except in the ears.

12. Non-jewelry chains that could be used to injure others, such as wallet chains, cannot be worn or carried at school.

13. Athletes are to leave their team bags with coach or teacher upon arriving at school.

14. Shop and lab rules apply.

Exceptions to policy shall be given consideration when an authorized activity, such as athletics or band, requires different attire. Other exceptions may be granted by the administration upon request.

The school administration reserves the right to disapprove any items not addressed in this policy but considered disruptive to the school. Decisions to disapprove items will be based on the goal of providing a safe and disruptive free environment for the education of all students.

Principals will have the authority to suspend or waive restrictions of this policy for events such as, but not limited to, proms, homecoming dances, or school sponsored activities aimed at promoting school spirit.

Violation of the dress code will result in the following actions.

First offense: Warning, correcting, and/or possibly sending home.

Second offense: Parents called and in school detention (1 day).

Third offense: Parents called and in school detention (3 days).

Fourth offense: Suspension for one to three days.

Fifth offense: Discipline Committee meeting resulting in ten days suspension, thirty days at the alternative school, or expulsion from school.

School Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast will be served from 7:20 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. Upon being released from morning bus duty, students should go directly to their homerooms. Students arriving after 7:40 a.m. will have the opportunity to receive a grab an go breakfast as they proceed to their homeroom. All students will have an opportunity to receive a free breakfast and lunch.  Please note that meals will not be served on scheduled early dismissals (1/2 days).



Any medication required by a student at school should be brought to the office or to the school nurse by his or her parent or guardian with fully written directions for administration. This includes over-the-counter medications.  Prescription medications and over-the-counter medications should be brought in the appropriate bottles or packaging.  Parents must fill out distribution papers with the nurse or office personnel.
   Procedures for Student Enrollment

Basic requirements for new or out-of-county students:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of social security card
  • Up-to-date shot record on Tennessee form PH4103
  • Copy of records request for transfer students

**Additional information about enrollment: rdpolicy.net/documents/detail.asp?iFile=13340&iType=6&iBoard=67




Transfers Within the System

A parent/guardian may request that his/her child attend a school within the system other than the one to which the child is zoned.** The request must be made annually to the principal, 30 days prior to the date students are required to attend the first day of each school year. The request must be filed on an open enrollment request form.  The director of schools or his/her designee shall review such requests and, if adequate space is available, grant such transfers unless a transfer would be adverse to the best interests of the child or the school system. If granted, the student must provide his/her own transportation to and from the school.

Except within the first ten (10) days of a school year where a parent/guardian may appeal the assignment of a student to the Board, after a student has enrolled in one (1) school within the system, he/she shall not be permitted to transfer to another unless there is a change in residence of the student’s parents or guardian outside the area in which the student enrolled. Any exception to this policy must be brought before the director of schools for evaluation and decision.

Students whose families transfer their residence to another school area after the first month of school may complete the school year at their former school. Students who present evidence that they will move during the school year and who desire to enroll in a new school in the new area may do so with prior written request for a change of school area. The director of schools or his/her designee may grant other exceptions to this policy for good and sufficient reasons.

Principals shall allow credit for work transferred from other schools only when substantiated by official transcripts or successful completion of comprehensive written examinations approved, administered and graded by the principal or his/her designated representative.

If a student has attended a nonresident school the previous year, the student is automatically enrolled without going through the application process.


Student Performance and Evaluation Reports

Grades K-8 will be receiving report cards every 9 weeks. In addition to the 9-week report card, there will be two progress reports at 3 and 6 weeks. Standards based grading system will be used in grades K-2. Grades 1-2 will also receive grades from the following grading scale. The following grading scale will be used in grades 3-8.
Grading Scale
A = 93-100
 (No grade will exceed 100 on report card)
B = 85-92
C = 75-84
D = 70-74
            F = 69 and below
S = satisfactory         U = unsatisfactory          P = pass        N = not pass

Honor Roll
Principal’s Honor Roll: All A’s
Honor Roll: All A’s and B’s

Each parent or guardian will receive a yearly TCAP Individual Student Profile report that explains the student’s achievement scores.
TCA 49-1-614 states that "Each local board of education shall develop a policy by which student scores on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program's grades three through eight (3-8) achievement tests shall comprise a percentage of the student's final grade for the spring semester in the subject areas of mathematics, reading/language arts, science and social studies. The percentage shall be determined by the local board from a range of no less than fifteen percent (15%) and no more than twenty-five percent (25%). The policy shall utilize performance levels determined by the State Board of Education and be developed and implemented for the spring semester of 2011." Claiborne County board approved percentage is 15%.

In 2015-2016, state testing will be altered and parents will receive any individual student reports as provided by the state.  The format is unknown at this time.
Our students also participate in an assessment benchmark testing three times per year. Identified students who participate in reading intervention programs receive progress monitoring. Parents will receive notification of progress made with each report card.

To Change Student Information

It is imperative that the school office be notified immediately of a change of address, home or office telephone, or a change in emergency information during the academic school year.

Sports Programs

Midway School offers boys and girls basketball, band and cheerleading. Students who participate in the sports program must maintain a 75 grade 
card average in order be eligible to participate. Students receiving an “F” in any academic subject area but obtaining the 75 overall will be placed on probation and monitored for to ensure progress is being made on each progress report.  Failure to make progress will result in removal from the team to allow time to focus on academics.

School Rules

  • The Student Code of Conduct and the Claiborne County Board of Education Policies will be followed.
  • Knives, matches, lighters, cigarettes, weapons, or any article which may endanger the safety and lives of others will follow the Claiborne County School Board Policy and the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Students who abuse or destroy school property will be expected to replace or repair the damaged property. Other disciplinary actions will follow the Student Code of Conduct and the Claiborne County School Board Policy.
  • For their safety, students will not be allowed to make or receive phone calls without the classroom teacher’s written permission. Emergencies will be handled through the office.
  • Students should show respect to the principal, teachers and staff, as well as other students at all times. Any necessary discipline will be according to the Student Code of Conduct and Claiborne County School Board Policy.
  • Fussing, fighting, teasing, name-calling or foul language is not allowed at school.  Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct and School Board Policy.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the gym during school hours. 
  • Proper athletic shoes are required for students to be on the gym floor. 


Locker Use

Lockers to store school-related materials are provided as a courtesy for Midway students.  After a student is assigned a particular locker number, that locker becomes the responsibility of the student.  The student is held accountable for any damage sustained to the locker as well as the responsibility for any illegal or inappropriate items found in the assigned locker.  Keep the locker clean and do not attach anything to the locker, including posters, pictures, and stickers.  Writing in or on the locker will be considered destruction of Midway property.  Lockers and any other storage area such as containers, packages, or backpacks brought into Midway School by anyone are subject to search for any illegal items or items not belonging in the student’s possession.


Textbooks are furnished to your child by the school system on a loan basis   and should be treated as borrowed property. Students must pay for the abuse of textbooks or lost textbooks.

Inclement Weather

When severe weather creates hazardous conditions, the regular school schedule may be suspended to ensure students’ safety. It is the parent’s/ guardian’s responsibility to monitor news reports via television and radio stations. Announcements are normally broadcast on local radio stations 105.9 FM and 1250 AM.  Alert messages will be sent by the school and/or Claiborne Board of Education with information regarding school status.
***Please make prior arrangements with your child regarding early dismissal due to inclement weather.

Fire and Natural Disaster

In the event of a fire, tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster, it may be necessary to evacuate the building. Students will move to another location in the building, or follow predetermined procedures to ensure safety.

Fire: The fire alarm will sound. Each classroom has a specific route that will be taken and a specific location to assemble outside the building. This information will be displayed on each classroom wall. (A fire drill may sometimes be used to clear the building for other emergencies.)

Tornado: On notification of a tornado it will be necessary to move into a hallway or other designated area. This information will be displayed on each classroom wall. Please note that the timing of tornado warnings may interfere with dismissal times and release of buses on the roads.  Students may arrive later than usual. 

Earthquake: In the event of an earthquake, staff and students will remain in the classroom, and the following precautions should be taken.
1. Get beneath desk, table, or bench.
2. Cover head with coat or clothing.
3. If no cover is available, move to inside wall and cover head.
4. Keep away from exterior walls and windows.
5. Leave interior doors open.  


Midway School students must behave courteously at school assemblies. Students should give full attention to the performers on stage and show appreciation only through clapping hands. Whistling, shouting, and foot stomping is not appropriate. Visitors often form a lasting impression of our school and community by our behavior at assemblies.


Parents of students who have been assigned to school detention will be notified. The detention slip should be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the student’s teacher.   If afterschool detention is necessary, a parent/guardian will be called to discuss the situation and dates the student will serve.


Midway Tobacco Use Policy
Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure all citizens and employees of Midway Elementary have access to healthy environments free from the harmful effects of second-hand tobacco smoke.
What’s the policy?
The designated smoking area must be at least 50 feet from any entrance into the building during school hours. Faculty and staff must use the principal approved designated area which will be located at the red barn in the back parking lot. This will be the only designated smoking area at Midway Elementary School.
Employees must use the designated time allotted such as:
· Teachers: planning or lunch break and must be limited to 15 minutes.
· Other staff members and volunteers: during assigned breaks or lunch/ not to exceed 15 minutes
How will the policy be enforced?
· Visitors to Midway Elementary School facilities will encounter a polite reminder for each offense.
· Midway Elementary School employees who violate the policy should expect disciplinary action identical to that for violation of any other personnel policy.

**Additional information about tobacco:  http://www.boardpolicy.net/documents/files/Claiborne/1803.pdf





Standardized Attendance Policy for Claiborne County Schools

Student attendance records shall be given the same level of confidentiality as other student records. Only authorized school officials with legitimate educational purposes may have access to student information without the consent of the student or parent/guardian.

Absences shall be classified as either excused or unexcused as determined by the principal or his/her designee. Excused absences shall include:
1. Personal illness verified by a parent/guardian or doctor (excuse
    must be turned in no later than two days after return to school);
2. Illness of immediate family member;
3. Death in the family (includes sibling, parent, legal guardian,
    grandparents or spouse) not to exceed three school days;
4. Extreme weather conditions;
5. Religious observances; or
6. Circumstances which in the judgment of the principal create
    emergencies over which the student has no control.

Absences may be excused by a written parent note for a total of three days per semester. Each day of absence constitutes one parent note. The principal must approve all exceptions.

Written parent notes should be utilized for whole day absences or tardies that constitute a whole day (entering after 11:30 a.m. or leaving before 11:30 a.m.)

The principal shall be responsible for ensuring that:

  • Attendance is checked and reported daily for each class;
  • Daily absentee sheets contain sign in / sign out sheets and indicate students present or absent for the majority of the day;
  • All student absences are verified;
  • Written excuses are submitted for absences and tardiness;
  • System-wide procedures for accounting and reporting are followed.

 Title 1 Schools

“Parents’ Right to Know”

Parents of all children in Title I schools have the right to request and receive timely information on the professional qualifications of their children’s classroom teachers. Parents may request the following:

  • Whether the teacher has met state qualifying and licensingcriteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher is teaching;
  • Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through which state qualification or licensing criteria have been waived;
  • The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher, including the field of discipline of the certification or degree; and
  • Whether paraprofessionals have met state qualifying criteria.







6 Parent/Guardian Excuses
 for the school year 2015-2016

Please keep these slips handy. Send one completed slip each time your child is absent, but does not go to the doctor. Remember, only 3 per semester are allowed (one day equals one note).

Semester 1: Parent Note 1
Student’s Name______________________________
Date student was absent _______________________
Reason for absence______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________Date___________________

Semester 1: Parent Note 2
Student’s Name______________________________
Date student was absent________________________
Reason for absence______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________Date____________________
Semester 1: Parent Note 3
Student’s Name______________________________
Date student was absent________________________
Reason for absence______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________Date____________________
Semester 2: Parent Note 1
Student’s Name ______________________________
Date student was absent________________________
Reason for absence_______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________Date____________________
Semester 2: Parent Note 2
Student’s Name_______________________________
Date student was absent_________________________
Reason for absence______________________________________________________
Parent/ Guardian Signature__________________________Date__________________
Semester 2: Parent Note 3
Student’s Name________________________________
Date student was absent__________________________
Reason for absence_____________________________________________________
Parent/ Guardian Signature _________________________Date__________________

Midway School
Shared Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement
Parent-Student-Teacher Contract

The entire school staff will share the responsibility for improved student achievement; therefore we will do the following:
• Hold parent/ teacher conferences.
• Send frequent reports to parents on their child’s progress.
• Progress reports are sent during the 3rd week and 6th week of every nine weeks  
   and Report Cards during the 9th week of every nine week grading period.
• Provide an opportunity for parents to volunteer and participate in their child’s
   class and observe classroom activities.
• Provide an environment conducive to learning.
• Respect the student, parents, and the diverse culture of the school.

I want my child to reach his/her full academic potential, therefore I will do the following to support my child’s learning:
• Have on-going communication with my child’s school; including parent/teacher conferences and volunteering in the classroom.
• See that my child attends school regularly and is punctual.
• Support the school staff and respect cultural differences of others.
• Establish a time and place for homework and check it regularly.
• Monitor television, computer and movie viewing.
• Will help to make positive use of extracurricular time.
• Will read this handbook with my child so that we will fully understand all of the  
   rules and procedures.

It is important that I do the best I can; therefore I will do the following:
• Come to school each day on time, with my homework completed, and have the supplies that I need.
• Always try to work to the best of my ability.
• Believe that I can learn, and I will learn.
• Conform to the rules of conduct at my school.
• Show respect for my school, myself, other students, and have consideration for
  cultural differences.
• Read this handbook with my parent/guardian so that we will fully understand the
   rules and procedures.

Discrimination/Harassment of Students

49-6-1015. Definition of “harassment, intimidation, or bullying” - As defined in TCA 49-6-1015, “harassment, intimidation, or bullying” means any act that substantially interferes with a student’s educational benefits, opportunities or performance, that takes place on school grounds, at any school-sponsored activity, on school-provided transportation, or at any official school bus stop, and that has the effect of:

  • Physically harming a student or damaging a student’s property;
  • Knowingly placing a student in reasonable fear of physical harm to the student or damage to the student’s property; or
  • Creating a hostile educational environment.


Students shall be provided a learning environment free from sexual, racial, ethnic and religious discrimination/harassment.1 It shall be a violation of this policy for any employee or any student to discriminate against or harass a student through disparaging conduct or communication that is sexual, racial, ethnic or religious in nature. The following guidelines are set forth to protect students from discrimination/harassment.

Student discrimination/harassment will not be tolerated.2  Discrimination/harassment is defined as conduct, advances, gestures or words either written or spoken of a sexual, racial, ethnic or religious nature which:

  • Unreasonably interfere with the student’s work or educational opportunities; or
  • Create an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment; or
  • Imply that submission to such conduct is made an explicit or implicit term of receiving grades or credit; or
  • Imply that submission to or rejection of such conduct will be used as a basis for determining the student’s grades and/or participation in a student activity.


Students shall be provided a learning environment free from bullying. It shall be a violation of this policy for any employee or any student to engage in bullying. The following guidelines are set forth to protect students from bullying.

Bullying will not be tolerated. Bullying occurs when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself. Bullying:

  • Is aggressive behavior that intends to cause harm or distress.
  • Is usually repeated over time.
  • Occurs in a relationship where there is an imbalance of power or strength.

May include acts carried out by use of a computer, cell phone, or other electronic means.
Alleged victims of sexual, racial, ethnic and religious discrimination/harassment or bullying shall report these incidents immediately to a teacher, counselor or building administrator.3 Allegations of discrimination/harassment or bullying shall be fully investigated by a complaint manager (as set forth in Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances 6.305).
The privacy and anonymity of all parties and witnesses to complaints will be respected. However, because an individual’s need for confidentiality must be balanced with obligations to cooperate with police investigations or legal proceedings, to provide due process to the accused, to conduct a thorough investigation or to take necessary action to resolve a complaint, the identity of parties and witnesses may be disclosed in appropriate circumstances to individuals with a need to know.

A substantiated charge against an employee shall result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. A substantiated charge against a student may result in corrective or disciplinary action up to and including suspension.

There will be no retaliation against any person who reports harassment or bullying or participates in an investigation. However, any employee who refuses to cooperate or gives false information during the course of any investigation may be subject to disciplinary action. The willful filing of a false report will itself be considered harassment and will be treated as such.

An employee disciplined for violation of this policy may appeal the decision by contacting the Federal Rights Coordinator or the principal. Any student disciplined for violation of this policy may appeal the decision in accordance with disciplinary policies and procedures.

This policy shall be published in the parent/student handbook distributed annually to every student. Building administrators are responsible for educating and training their respective staff and students as to the definition and recognition of discrimination/harassment and bullying.


The Claiborne County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its educational programs, activities or employment policies and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  Inquiries regarding compliance on the non-discrimination policies should be directed to 504/Title IX Coordinator at (423)626-7979